Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Least Favorite Fashion Poses

John Marine | 5:33 PM | Be the first to comment!
Modeling poses in fashion can be as great the outfits themselves. However, some modeling poses or actions I loathe. So I'm going to share my least favorite modeling acts here. I'm not going to spoil things with pictures, so you'll have to read what are my least favorites!

Before I Begin...

Here is a forewarning. I mean no disrespect if you're "guilty" of some of the actions I will make mention of here. Much like I mean no real disrespect of any trends or looks I dislike. This is a blog of opinion, and I am free to share my dislike professionally.

Least Favorite Modeling Poses: Considerations

How you model outfits can be just as critical as the outfits themselves. Do you present yourself in a unique way to bring a certain mood to outfits, or do you present yourself in a way that cheapens outfits as a whole? You certainly want to be able to show your personality in a unique way with certain poses.

Everyone has their most favorite and least favorite ways of expression in fashion. For example, "Fashion by He" once made notion of hating when certain fashionistas do jumping poses in their outfit posts. Everyone has their likes and dislikes. Certainly mine are no different. The goal here is to share some of my own dislikes. In this case, the topic is on fashion poses. I want to give the impression that while I try to be neutral on a lot of things, I do have my own tastes.

Having said all of this, it is time I share some of my least favorite poses. So go to the next section of this post!

Least Favorite Modeling Poses

Each of the actions/poses I speak of will be listed in descending order (last to first). I will not spoil this list with any pictures, so you will need to read the full post to know what my five least favorite poses are! Then use your imagination to know what I am talking about as I describe my five least favorite poses.

5.) [Some] Laughing Poses.

For someone who boasts about positivity and positive thinking, one would look at me strange by mentioning laughing- which is obviously positive and exudes some personality. Faking a laugh can sometimes be cheesy (no pun intended).

4.) [Some] Walk Poses and Jump Poses.

I never really liked certain walk poses, including jump poses from fashion bloggers. Just seems a touch too cheap to me. I am not one to really judge what is acceptable or annoying in regards to walking poses. These mostly sort of pertain to 3/4 front views or side views of walking poses. This rant does not pertain to look behind walking poses. As for jumping poses, jumps from the front or back are okay to me. Some jumps from the sides are like the "walking on air" deal. It doesn't get annoying, but I am usually not as fond of this at times.

I originally had this as just walking poses but decided to put certain jumps into this point to combine the two.

3.) The Toe Stand.

Standing on the tips of your shoes in a fashion pose. I honestly never liked this pose which some people tend to associate with the late "King of Pop," Michael Jackson. The only exception of toe stands is with ballet. However, doing this in sneakers or combat boots or something... NOT a fan.

2.) Mouth Hiding With Props.

It is understandable at times to not show your face proper. Fashion is more about putting outfits together rather than showing your identity to add to outfits. That said, though, I've seen some who hide their mouths with flowers, big leaves, or anything like that. I never really liked this all that much to be honest.

And my least favorite? It is...

1.) Bubble Gum Blowing.

Many people think this is cute or cool. I think it's [expletive]ing gross! It's cute to some since you're hiding your face. And most people look cool (or think they do) blowing bubble gum bubbles. If that isn't bad enough, I saw on Yahoo! Answers in my researching of this topic that some guys find girls who blow bubble gum bubbles to be erotic. Erotic... really? I also dislike lollipop licking and stuff, and that's more erotic than blowing bubble gum. But... this is the Internet, where the infamous "Rule 34" applies to everything. Honestly... bubbles annoy me to be honest, let alone from bubble gum. I'm sorry if this offends some of you.

Now you know of five of my least favorite fashion poses in pictures. Before I go to Final Thoughts, let me make an Honorable Mention...

Least Favorite Fashion Poses, Honorable Mention: Big Lip Clutch Covering Mouth.

I dislike a lot of lip design material in fashion. What I often loathe most with this style is posing with a lip clutch to give the impression of a huge kiss or whatever. It's tacky to me. Don't like it all that much.

Okay. Final Thoughts time. Go to the next section!

Least Favorite Fashion Poses: Final Thoughts

This post was not intended to attack anyone who may be "guilty" of doing such poses or posting such pictures. It is much like whether I rave or rant against certain outfits or trends. You are free to express yourself in fashion any way you please- even including certain poses to bring life to your outfits and outfit posts. As much as fashion is a great means of expression, some of these poses can be pretty annoying or not as fun as some make them out to be.

Express your style any way you please. Just know I am honest about certain things I like and dislike- including certain poses and acts in fashion posts and such. Don't let me stop you from you wanting to do your outfit posts the way you want to. So now you know about some of the fashion poses (and some picture thoughts in general) I dislike.

That's all for this post. Thanks for visiting "StyleSpace by JBM!" Discussion time:

What are some of your least favorite poses, and are you "guilty" of any of the ones I mentioned here? What are your counters to any of the poses I disliked that you disagree with me about?

Subscribe/Follow if you love my blog... even if you disagree with my views (but still respect them)! Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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Thursday, September 28, 2017

Dark Florals

John Marine | 7:59 AM | | | Be the first to comment!
Dark florals have trended lately. Florals and light colors are pretty details suggesting peace and purity. However, what about dark florals? Dark colors and florals may seem like a juxtaposition. What it is, though, is the latest trend. So what do I think about dark florals? Find out in this blog post!

Dark Florals

Let me show you some dark florals to set this post up...

dark floral fashion
^ from: - Florals are charming... even, dark florals?

Floral outfits are girly and sweet, but are florals just as pretty with DARK colors? Floral patterns can be charming on a variety of garments. I usually adore floral dresses and floral rompers/playsuits. I guess when I think of dark florals, I often think about maybe dark-colored footwear that have floral patterns of some kind. For example, think of platform wedge sandals or some ankle boots with floral designs to them. Cold weather times often are popular for dark colors.

I mentioned earlier that dark florals can be kind of a juxtaposition. You have dark colors mixed in with something as pure as flowers. Even kind of the Goth set can have dark florals in the sense of black clothing with deep red roses on it. So while flowers resemble peace and prosperity, dark colors usually resemble evil and edginess. There is the juxtaposition that dark florals can have. From a style standpoint, you are still enjoying the mass appeal of wearing floral garments. It is just different considering you are rocking floral garments in dark colors. The love for floral style still remains even if wearing dark florals.

Unless it's cold, dark florals probably wouldn't be too practical in colder weather. Florals and light colors are made for the warm weather times. You probably won't get too much usage in colder weather with florals. For example, you could probably wear warm tights to go with a dark floral dress or maybe with a dark floral romper. You can always wear certain dark-colored shoes that have some kind of floral prints to them.

Final Thoughts.

Dark florals are just as charming as light florals despite the juxtaposition. Feel free to enjoy all the charm and style of florals- even with dark florals. There is still plenty of love and a good number of ways to wear the trend as best as you like.

I was going to offer dark floral items to all of you, but I couldn't find anything great to provide. So no shopping items here, unfortunately. :(

Oh, well. Time to know what you think about dark florals. So...

What do you think about dark florals?

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Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Over-Knee Peep-Toe Denim Boots

John Marine | 9:30 PM | | | | Be the first to comment!
Some fashionistas have rocked over-knee, peep-toe denim boots lately. There was a time I actually hated peep-toe boots and booties. There were few over-knee boots I loved. Now add denim. No- not denim bottoms, but denim boots. What do I think about these over-knee, peep-toe boots? You're about to find out in this post. So welcome to another post of "StyleSpace by JBM!"

Over-Knee Peep-Toe Denim Boots

What kind of boots am I talking about? Here is an example:

over knee peep toe denim boots
^ from: (Pinterest) - Are over knee peep-toe denim boots stylish? Find out in my post on these boots.

Boots can be either tough or chic depending on the application. Over-knee boots have been loved by many a fashionista. Some, though, think of over-knee boots as *adult entertainer* material. Only a few times have I complimented a pair of over-knee boots. Otherwise, I never really liked those over-knee boots much.

While there was a time I despised peep-toe boots and booties, I eventually grew to love them. Well... not LOVE them, but not be as hateful of them. Only certain few peep-toe boots or booties have been to my liking. I just don't like peep-toe boots or booties as much as I do a regular pair of peep-toe pumps.

Then there's denim. Some love denim as a fabric- even to the point of footwear. I have seen things such as denim sneakers and even denim sandals. Fashionistas may probably wish they live in denim- ranging from intimates to maybe even getting married in denim (some have made denim wedding dresses before). If you love denim, does that love even include footwear?

See where I'm going with this? We got three elements working together- the appeal of over-knee boots, the girly charm of peep-toe footwear, and all with denim. Over-knee peep-toe denim boots. Let that thought sit in your mind a bit before I discuss my thoughts on these boots. If that isn't enough, these denim boots are styled a lot like your favorite denim, even to the point of details like busted knees, damaged details, distressing, and the like. So it almost like you are wearing a pair of jeans... while not wearing jeans.

The next section explains how I feel about combining these three.

Over-Knee Peep-Toe Denim Boots: Final Thoughts.

Just because you love denim doesn't mean everything looks good in denim. I don't care what anyone thinks- this is an atrocious combination of denim with over-knee peep-toe boots. I would rather just some basic over-knee peep-toe boots in a material other than denim. And even then, I'd prefer any BELOW knee boots instead and be selective on peep-toe or open-toe boots. I know there are those who have a denim obsession or enjoy denim as a whole. However, it doesn't mean EVERYTHING is better in denim; and surely not denim boots, let alone denim boots that go above the knees and have a peep-toe design. I can't believe I'm saying this as a guy, but I would rather see tall gladiator sandals than see these denim over-knee peep-toe boots. If you like these boots (or even gladiator sandals), fine. I am not here to tell people how they should dress or what to wear. With that said, though, these over-knee peep-toe denim boots should be burned- even if you love denim.

I haven't liked over-knee boots because many of them simply don't look all that stylish to me to either one's silhouette or to compliment certain outfits. Many are not as stylish to me in the least sense no matter what styles are out there no matter who proudly wear over-knee boots. I certainly think flat or low-heel over-knee boots are horrid. Add the fact these have a peep-toe design and make them in denim, and you add to the abomination these boots can be. Two wrongs don't make a right; three (or more) wrongs absolutely DO NOT make a right. Absolutely awful boots these over-knee peep-toe denim boots are.

If you want to wear jeans, wear jeans. If you want to wear over-knee boots that have or don't have a peep-toe design of some kind, wear those boots. Both over-knee boots made of denim? NO NO NO!!! Here's a better idea- wear some skinny jeans with some peep-toe booties (preferably with high heels of either of the wedge or stiletto variety). DON'T wear these denim over-knee boots with a peep-toe design. Do people a favor and prevent them from losing their sanity or eyesight- stay FAR away from over-knee peep-toe boots!

Over Knee Peep Toe Denim Boots Online

Maybe you disagreed with my views. That's perfectly fine because I am here to express my own thoughts on fashion the way I see things. That includes making unpopular opinions on the hottest styles. Whether I love or loathe styles, at least I am willing to offer material to viewers so that I don't seem completely one-sided. If you like these denim boots while I overly trashed them, here is your chance to score yourself some of these boots if they appeal to you. Please use this item below and proudly rock your style with these over-knee peep-toe denim boots:

Happy shopping! :)

...or at least, this is how I feel about them. What say you?

What do you think about over-knee peep-toe denim boots? Would you wear them (or HAVE you worn them) or recommend them with any sort of outfit?

Remember that I freely agree or disagree with whatever styles are out there. That's what I do here. Subscribe/Follow if you enjoy my fashion commentary on this non-traditional fashion blog. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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Wednesday, September 13, 2017


John Marine | 8:46 PM | Be the first to comment!
AZZA VERA is a Turkish fashion designer into vintage-type fashion. Their offerings range from Bohemian styles to fabulous bell bottom pants. I learned of this designer on Instagram. Even if you don't understand Turkish, their fashion translate well in any language, especially if you adore vintage fashion. This is just my own sort of introduction and focus on AZZA VERA.

Notes to Pass Along...

I came up with this post on my own. I was not contacted by, or endorsed by this designer to come up with this post. All thoughts are my own.


Here is a sample of their fashion:

^ from: (Twitter - and the best I could find/use) - These bell bottom pants are among AZZA VERA's many different offerings.

AZZA VERA is a designer based in Izmir, Turkey. Their work is headed by its founder- Irem Onarim. Her company offers up delightful fashions for the free spirited types. I usually look up bell bottoms on Instagram, and I usually see a lot of AZZA VERA's flared pants and bell bottom pants. Their flares features many colorful and bold bell bottom pants. What I love most about AZZA VERA is their colorful fashions and lovely fashion pieces. While there is nothing "cute" about their clothing, they do offer some fun and charming fashions. Their fashions will definitely appeal to types into ethnic type fashion and even those who want a stylish pair of bell bottom pants to go with a cropped top or something. Besides their eccentric bell bottom pants, AZZA VERA offers dresses, skirts, tops, and more.

My Thoughts...

I think AZZA VERA is a fine designer with some wonderful clothes. One way to stylishly stand out in a crowd is to wear bold and detailed clothing. AZZA VERA knows this and has put out a number of fine designs to make almost any lady stand out. Since I adore bells, ruffles, and bell bottoms; AZZA VERA has you covered with their many different offerings. Especially if you are the Bohemian or vintage type, this is a fine choice to build your own vintage style wardrobe with. The bold patterns and colors make these some fine clothes to wear. So consider AZZA VERA if their style of fashion suits you best.

For More Information...

To learn more about AZZA VERA, visit The website is available in Turkish and English. Same applies to currencies for their items.

I hope you liked this blog post. If you did and if you haven't followed already, please Subscribe and Follow my blog(s)! Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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Monday, July 31, 2017


John Marine | 7:35 AM | | | Be the first to comment!
ELLERY is an Australian high-end fashion designer famous for their outrageous and bold designs. I first learned of ELLERY for some extreme looking bell bottom jeans they designed. Statement designs are a specialty of ELLERY. The designs of ELLERY have been showcased in many world-class fashion shows and worn by many different models and personalities. I am hopeful to showcase ELLERY to my international viewing audience here on "StyleSpace by JBM."


ELLERY is named for its founder, Kym Ellery. The (32 years old as of July 31, 2017)-year old native of Perth, Western Australia, Australia has designed some wild and bold fashions. You can look around at the designs she has come up with. Few, if any, of her designs don't have "statement" in its design. While ELLERY's designs are flamboyant, they are not brash. Her designs are more elegantly edgy. You will see tops and dresses with bold bell designs. Pants and skirts have some statement appeal also. And you can basically forget about buying a pair of straight-leg or skinny jeans from ELLERY because many of her denim designs are bold denim with ruffled legs or bell bottoms.

ELLERY also offers accessories. Just like the clothes, items such as earrings and necklaces are elegant and stylish while making powerful fashion statements. Also offered are sunglasses in a number of unique styles. This is a high-end designer, so don't expect any real mainstream material.

Video Insight.

Take a look at these videos for a little idea on Kym Ellery and her style:

^ Kym Ellery on Growing up in Perth, Designing and Playful Prints | MATCHESFASHION.COM

And this is a fashion show with some insight on her designs:

^ Ellery | Fall Winter 2017/2018 Full Fashion Show | Exclusive

So now you know a bit about Kym Ellery and her designs.

ELLERY: Final Thoughts

Kym Ellery has done a sensational job putting together exceptional high-end fashion. All things considered, it is very possible ELLERY could be among the major high-end designers of today. Ellery surely puts Australia on the fashion map. And if this Aussie has her way, she'll be as celebrated as even the finest American or European designers.


You can learn more about ELLERY by checking out the material in this section.

For More Information...

Learn more about ELLERY by visiting Be warned- prices for items on ELLERY's website are only offered in Australian Dollars. So you will need to convert to some other currency if you want to buy from the ELLERY website.

But if you prefer to shop from a service like Shopstyle (with items in US Dollars), let me show you some of the many fashions offered by ELLERY featured on Shopstyle. Take a look around and find out about any items that may interest you. These include a variety of ELLERY brand items. Have a look around:

Happy shopping to all of you! :)

This post is over.

What do you think of Kym Ellery and her designs?

Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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Sunday, July 30, 2017

Free People

John Marine | 8:43 PM | | | | | | | Be the first to comment!
@FreePeople is a popular designer among many a fashionista. Founded in 1984, they mostly offer Bohemian-type fashions to mostly young females. Considering how popular Bohemian fashion is, this company is a boon to the Bohemian fashion style. This blog post will offer my own introduction to Free People to all of my visitors of "StyleSpace by JBM." So if this is your first time, welcome to my unconventional fashion and beauty blog! Enjoy your stay! :)

A Note About "Brands" Posts

All posts under the Brands category on "StyleSpace by JBM" are solely based on opinion. I offer my own opinions about anything featured under such labels. Either I mention brands myself or am contacted by certain individuals for their brands to be promoted.

Free People

As mentioned in the introduction, Free People was founded in 1984 and headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. They mostly specialize in casual Bohemian-style fashions enjoyed mostly by young fashionistas. The Bohemian fashion style entails easy-going and comfortable style. They offer fashions that are enjoyed by a vast number of people. Free People has a handful of dresses, skirts, denim, pants, and even intimates. Not all of their offerings are casual, though. For instance, I saw an elegant maxi dress from their site as I was researching for this topic.

The designer also offers a variety of footwear ranging from casual footwear to chic offerings. Their offerings won't exactly make the likes of Converse or any world-renowned shoe designer shake in their shoes, but they do provide great-looking footwear for a number of fashion types. Their footwear portfolio includes various pumps, sneakers, lace-up shoes, sandals, and boots of various lengths. So when you put together an outfit with Free People, look to Free People to complete your outfit with a fine pair of shoes.

Free People mostly is the kind of designer to tailor to the tastes of Bohemian or even vintage types. They seem more for the Bohemian or vintage set rather than anything edgy, urban, super chic, or anything like that.

Free People Insight

Here are some items pertaining to Free People. Take a look at these videos to gain some insight on Free People and their fashion insights:

^ Free People Presents | Summer of Love

^ Nashville Road Trip | Free People

^ Get Into the Groove | Lookbooks | Free People

All videos were from Free People's YouTube channel. I tried to come up with blogger insight on Free People, but I couldn't find anybody immediately to showcase Free People fashions to all of you. Maybe I will add some in edits to this blog post.

Free People: Final Thoughts

Free People is a popular designer for a reason. They may not arouse you for seductive fashions or world-class chic styles, but they do offer chic fashions for the easy casual girl. This is a designer that is about being a leader and not a follower. The fashions and the styles of Free People speak highly to the character of Bohemian and vintage fashion. So if you're wanting to break free and be free, look to Free People!

For More Information...

If you would like to learn more about Free People, visit their website at

Free People Online

Again, the official website for Free People is Participation here in this section is voluntary, but is appreciated.

Free People on Shopstyle.

Various items I found interesting from Free People are here. So take a look around and enjoy! Click on any item that interests you as I tried to find as many unique items as possible:

Free People on Amazon.

Get your Free People on Amazon! That is, if you prefer Amazon for your clothing shopping:

Happy shopping! :) Be sure to visit Free People's website for exclusive items offered on their site, such as that elegant maxi dress I mentioned earlier in this blog post.

Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Luxury Sneakers

John Marine | 11:16 PM | | Be the first to comment!
Who wants to pay hundreds for sneakers? Granted I am not much the sneaker type, I never understood why one would pay so much for a pair of sneakers, or why make sneakers overly chic. Sneakers are usually casual and rugged. Sneakers ruin certain outfits to me. Simply adding sneakers doesn't always work, people! People will still try to make sneakers chic in some sort of way. Some high-end designers make high-end style sneakers. And so the focus of this blog post is on luxury sneakers. No specific brands or designers- just high-end sneakers in general.

Luxury Sneakers in General

Anything luxury is defined as anything which purpose is beyond the original purpose of an item. For example, high-end sports cars and exotic cars are considered "luxury" because they capitalize on high horsepower or very fast speeds. So what "luxury" do luxury sneakers have? I doubt there is anyone who has never owned a single pair of sneakers in his or her life. Sneakers are either worn for casual wear or for active use. Sneakers scuff up and get worn out because they were meant to be worn out casually with casual outfits or some sporty outfits. Luxury sneakers, conversely, are primarily high-priced sneakers with immaculate details and luxe design elements. Many of these sneakers are still very durable, but they have a touch of chic that make them more than your average sneakers. Luxury sneakers are enjoyed by the likes of males and females. You could say various luxury sneakers are casual cool for the chic set. They are sneakers for the high-end fashion stars.

Who Makes Luxury Sneakers?

There are a handful of high-end designers and some mainstream designers who make such high-end sneakers. Among many: Jimmy Choo, Giuseppe Zanotti, Dior, Louis Vuitton, Versace, and many others.

Luxury Sneaker Examples.

Luxury sneakers from high-end designers. Here are some examples for your viewing pleasure. All media are for educational purposes:

luxury sneakers female
^ from: - These are wedge sneakers from Jimmy Choo.

luxury sneakers female Zanotti
^ from: (Wheretoget) - These wedge sneakers are high-end for sure from Giuseppe Zanotti.

luxury sneakers male
^ from: (best I could find) - Even males can enjoy some luxury sneakers.

A lot of luxury brand sneakers are fairly high priced. Some even are designed by high-end designers for not-so high-end companies. There are still a handful of sneakers from high-end luxury designers delivering casual style even for the one with fairly average budgets. Some of these luxury sneakers are glammed up models (especially feminine luxury sneakers) sure to be a chic compliment to various outfits.

Luxury Sneakers: Final Thoughts

If you fancy sneakers and want high-end style, you can do little wrong with a proper pair of luxury sneakers. They may be highly-priced, but I am sure many people are getting their money's worth styling outfits with various high-end sneakers. Those dressing casually with high-end garments can complete a high-end casual outfit with a fine pair of luxury sneakers. Just be sure to find a pair of high-end sneakers that suit your style and compliment your outfit(s) well.

Luxury Sneakers Online

Want your own luxury sneakers? Let me help you! Take a look at these items and shop around for your own luxury-type sneakers:



Male and female variety luxury sneakers here...

Por homme...

Por femme...

Happy shopping! :) Remember to help support my work any way you can- even including taking part in sections like this one.

I probably can type up more stuff, but that's all for now. But before closing, here is a discussion question in case you want to get a discussion going:

Are you fond of luxury sneakers and high-end sneakers? Is it even worth the money to buy expensive sneakers?

Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Two-Piece Dresses

John Marine | 11:57 PM | | Be the first to comment!
The two-piece dress is popular. Basically, this is like a cheap way of labeling a top with a matching skirt. I think a true "two-piece dress" would be if the dress is convertible from dress to top and skirt. To me, a true "two-piece dress" would be one can be worn as a dress or detached to separates. So what does a two-piece dress look like? Here is an example:

two-piece dress
^ from: - "Two-piece dress... or a matching top and skirt?

How we throw around terms can lead to confusion or simply not getting it. For example, as a car lover, I am used to terms like a "four-door coupe." And four door coupes are more like sedans... only that they don't want you to call it a sedan (which is a four-door car). Same confusing terminology applies to labeling things like the two-piece dress. Designers don't want you to call these as matching skirt sets, so enter the "two-piece dress." True dresses are one-piece skirts. They have a top and a skirt mated together. Even if one little thread holds the top and skirt parts together, it is still technically a dress. To extend the example further, I've seen pants that can be converted to shorts by removing two parts of the pants. That's convertible. That is what I would consider two-piece pants. I've even seen blog posts and outfits where two similar-looking separates are put together and match perfectly. And in the case of a dress-like outfit, that would be like pairing a bodysuit with a matching skirt. But is it a true dress? No- it is a nicely-matching skirt outfit at best.

Don't get me wrong in all of this- I don't hate these top and skirt combinations. I just find the "two-piece dress" term silly. Don't call these truly as dresses or as two-piece dresses unless the top and skirt parts can be detached. At best, these two-piece dresses are merely stylish, matching top and skirt sets. For the price of one, a "two-piece dress" offers you a stylish top and a stylish skirt. But please- these are NOT true dresses! Make dresses that can be converted to skirts, dresses that could be worn as skirts, or dresses that can have the top and skirt detached- THEN call them two-piece dresses. Get over the cute terminology- these are tops and skirts, NOT true dresses.

But again... that is just my commentary.

Two-Piece Dresses Online

If you thought I was being harsh on these garments, my only gripe concerned simply calling these as "two-piece dresses." They aren't true dresses as I see dresses. Not once have I hated the style of these outfits all post long. Maybe you want your own two-piece dress. If you are one of those or wanting to buy one for someone else, let me help you while you're still here. So use these items to find relevant material. Your participation is voluntary, but appreciated if you do business here.


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Monday, July 24, 2017


John Marine | 8:22 AM | | | Be the first to comment!
Skechers is very popular for their unique shoes. Their shoes likely won't arouse the most fashion-savvy audiences, but they more than make up for this with many high-quality shoes for a variety of ages and for both males and females. Skechers is therefore one of the most popular and well-liked footwear designers today. In this blog post, I will make mention to Skechers and their many different shoes they have to offer. I'd like to welcome all of you to "StyleSpace by JBM" and another post in my fashion and beauty blog.

A Note About Brands Posts...

All posts under my "Brands" quality are all personal opinion, and I am not paid or sponsored to post about all featured brands in my posts. I was not contacted by Skechers or anything in coming up with this post. It was simply my decision to blog about this company and their offerings.


Founded in 1992 and based in Manhattan Beach, California, USA; Skechers footwear can be found in a variety of stores. Their offerings encompass casual (and some chic) shoes for everyone of all ages ranging from babies to adults. Many of which are mostly affordable. A lot of Skechers shoes offer some fairly unique casual design shoes that have sporty style. Aside from mostly sporty shoes, they also offer workwear shoes. Among some of their non-sporty, non fashion shoes are a variety of work shoes.

I mentioned Skechers as not being something that would appeal to very fashionable folk. And very much so, they aren't going to. Some people would probably think they would be found dead wearing Skechers. At least Skechers is a different kind of footwear company with casual shoes apart from the likes of (for example) Converse. Even still, you see Skechers promoted by celebrities. Some of those whom have worn and promoted Skechers include former football player Howie Long and singer Meghan Trainor.

I've owned a pair of Skechers sneakers before. I found them to be a bit rugged and stylish for my casual wardrobe. They did feel a bit flat for me since these were a mostly flat pair of sneakers. And since I don't really have any heels, I felt a bit weak after extended amounts of walking in them.

Skechers for females can be very cute. Their popular Bikers shoes are a cross between mary janes and sporty sneakers. They were more like sporty mary janes. I even remember a few sneaker-style sandals Skechers offered especially in the 2000s. Skechers even have some laceless sneakers and some backless sneakers I recall.

Famous (or Infamous?) Skechers.

Two of Skechers' shoe lines have been rather notorious. In the 2000s, they revealed their "Shape-Ups" shoes. The Shape-Up shoes could be thought of as workout shoes for those who don't like working out. Their unusual design combines a wedge sort of shoe along with their usual sporty appearance. Many thought these were ugly; some others actually wore these and put them to good use.

The other interesting shoes could be thought of as Skechers' answer to TOMS- BOBS. TOMS is known for offering their espadrilles and other shoes in which proceeds and purchases of their shoes help provide children in need with shoes to wear. BOBS, therefore, is Skechers' initiative to do the same. You probably don't hear much about BOBS as much as you do TOMS, but it is always great to have such benevolence from a company like Skechers.

Skechers in Pictures

Skechers in pictures. Enjoy!

Please note that some of these items or some of these topics may show up in individual blog posts here on "StyleSpace by JBM."

Skechers sneakers
^ from: - Here are a basic pair of Skechers sneakers. This is a pair of women's sneakers.

Skechers sandals
^ from: - Here are some of their sandals.

Now for two different styles of boots.

Skechers fashion boots
^ from: - This is a pair of fashion boots for Juniors.

Skechers work boots
^ from: - These men's work boots are Skechers as well..

Skechers Shape-Ups
^ from: - The Shape-Ups from Skechers gained popularity as being shoes for those who want a workout without actually getting a workout. Note the wedge style of these shoes while not being a proper pair of wedge shoes.

Skechers Shape-Ups sandals
^ from: - Shape-Ups, however, can also take on different forms- such as these feminine sandals.

Skechers BOBS
^ from: - BOBS are the feminine shoes Skechers offers. Most important about these shoes is how Skechers gives back to others upon purchase of these shoes.

So you now have an idea of Skechers and their offerings.

Skechers: Final Thoughts

From babies to adults, males and females, and of many purposes; Skechers has a diverse profile and array of shoes for mostly casual and sporty tastes. It is almost as if to say there is a pair of Skechers for everyone at prices that won't exactly break the bank. They offer a style of footwear that is appealing in the sense of interesting colors and styles. Their shoes are anything but boring. Skechers isn't going to blow you away with chic offerings, and I doubt there are too many A-list celebrities who will be wearing Skechers over any high-fashion brands or labels. For those who just want a stylish pair of casual shoes, Skechers should not be overlooked or undermined. Look elsewhere if you seek elegance. If you just want cool and stylish casual shoes or daytime shoes, give Skechers a try. You probably won't regret it. So go find Skechers footwear at your favorite retail store, or even visit a Skechers store if any are available to you.

Do remember that as a fashion blog, I do not exclusively have to mention high-end brands all the time. Most people usually feel all fashion blogs only mention and promote high-end designers. Perhaps people only care about the major designers. I am not like that. In fact, there haven't been too many times in the history of "StyleSpace by JBM" where I have mentioned elite fashion designers. I am still pleased to do a proper blog post on companies like Skechers.

Skechers Online

Your participation in this section is voluntary (meaning you don't have to take part in it if you don't want to), but would be vastly appreciated. Since you're here, allow me to point you towards Skechers footwear if you are interested in shopping. So take a look around and help yourself to some Skechers if interested.


Skechers' main website features all of the latest footwear from the brand. Visit today/tonight!


Here are some Skechers I found to be pretty cool. If you prefer Shopstyle, here are some finds of mine that may interest you. The majority (or all of them) are mostly for Women's size shoes:


Skechers on Amazon. Check it:

Men's Skechers...

Women's Skechers...

Skechers Kids...

Skechers Shape-Ups (all)...

I may add more material in edits. For now, happy shopping!

This post is over. Thank you coming here, thank you for interacting with my work, and most of all... thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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Thursday, July 20, 2017

Maxi Rompers/Playsuits

John Marine | 10:53 PM | | | | Be the first to comment!
Maxi dress, meet rompers/playsuits. Though rompers/playsuits are technically dresses, maxi rompers combine the romper appeal while offering a dress-like appearance. The big advantage is in being covered with the romper. Especially rompers of the past ten or so years have basically been covered alternatives to mini dresses. Maxi rompers are rompers but with the covering of a long dress or a kimono. They are even more of all-in-ones. This blog post will be all about maxi rompers/playsuits and what I think about them.

NOTE: If you are new to "StyleSpace by JBM," I use "rompers/playsuits" a lot, but usually use "romper." These short jumpsuits are called rompers or playsuits by most people. But just know I use "romper" to describe such outfits.

Maxi Romper/Playsuit Examples.

All of the media shown here are for educational purposes. Here are examples of maxi rompers:

maxi romper playsuit
^ from: - A maxi romper. You probably can't see it too well, but note the romper part combined with the long dress.
maxi romper playsuit
^ from: - Believe it or not, this beautiful high-low dress is really a maxi romper.

maxi romper playsuit
^ from: - This maxi romper is almost elegant enough to be worn for a night out or a date. You probably can for what I know!

floral maxi romper playsuit
^ from: - This is a casual floral romper.

And this is some video insight of a maxi romper:

^ Fancy Meeting You Here Maxi Romper

So now you have an idea of what kinds of garments we are discussing here. Now comes my thoughts on maxi rompers.

Maxi Rompers/Playsuits: How to Style?

I find most long dresses to best be paired with any number of chic shoes or sandals. Same applies to maxi rompers. You can also go with boots and booties. Some rompers are casual enough to be worn with a pair of sandals or some very casual sandals. I guess if you're going with sneakers, I'd stay away from basketball sneakers or something. Even as much as I loathed most of them, even go with some wedge sneakers with maxi rompers if you love them so much.

All I know is that maxi rompers allow you to enjoy elegantly showing off your legs. So you may want to go with some fun and stylish footwear to go with maxi rompers while also offering open-air comfort for your legs and feet. Maybe if it is cold weather time, you COULD go with wearing warm tights with maxi rompers, but I'd probably keep these for warm weather times instead of trying to make them all-year garments.

Maxi Rompers/Playsuits: Final Thoughts.

If you ask me, I think these are a romantic take on the romper. I would probably go as far as to say these are dresses for those who don't like wearing proper dresses. Maxi rompers should still appeal to fashionistas who already love rompers. Just imagine having the comfort of a romper while also sporting a silky dress. Simply put- a maxi romper is a covered long dress. And just like maxi dresses, maxi rompers can be immensely elegant. So go ahead and wear these sweet rompers if you enjoy both maxi dresses and romper dresses.

Maxi Rompers/Playsuits Online.

I can help you shop for maxi rompers/playsuits. Take a look at the items below and shop around. Thanks for your cooperation if you plan on doing any shopping! Remember- your participation here is voluntary.

Or take a look at these maxi rompers:

I would appreciate your business and your support if you did visit these links. I don't ask for people for financial support, but it would be nice to receive support from my audience.

The blog post is over.

What do you think about maxi rompers? If you already love or wear rompers, would you wear a maxi romper?

I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed making it for all of you fashion lovers. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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