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Two-Piece Dresses

The two-piece dress is popular. Basically, this is like a cheap way of labeling a top with a matching skirt. I think a true "two-piece dress" would be if the dress is convertible from dress to top and skirt. To me, a true "two-piece dress" would be one can be worn as a dress or detached to separates. So what does a two-piece dress look like? Here is an example:

two-piece dress
^ from: www.lulus.com - "Two-piece dress... or a matching top and skirt?

How we throw around terms can lead to confusion or simply not getting it. For example, as a car lover, I am used to terms like a "four-door coupe." And four door coupes are more like sedans... only that they don't want you to call it a sedan (which is a four-door car). Same confusing terminology applies to labeling things like the two-piece dress. Designers don't want you to call these as matching skirt sets, so enter the "two-piece dress." True dresses are one-piece skirts. They have a top and a skirt mated together. Even if one little thread holds the top and skirt parts together, it is still technically a dress. To extend the example further, I've seen pants that can be converted to shorts by removing two parts of the pants. That's convertible. That is what I would consider two-piece pants. I've even seen blog posts and outfits where two similar-looking separates are put together and match perfectly. And in the case of a dress-like outfit, that would be like pairing a bodysuit with a matching skirt. But is it a true dress? No- it is a nicely-matching skirt outfit at best.

Don't get me wrong in all of this- I don't hate these top and skirt combinations. I just find the "two-piece dress" term silly. Don't call these truly as dresses or as two-piece dresses unless the top and skirt parts can be detached. At best, these two-piece dresses are merely stylish, matching top and skirt sets. For the price of one, a "two-piece dress" offers you a stylish top and a stylish skirt. But please- these are NOT true dresses! Make dresses that can be converted to skirts, dresses that could be worn as skirts, or dresses that can have the top and skirt detached- THEN call them two-piece dresses. Get over the cute terminology- these are tops and skirts, NOT true dresses.

But again... that is just my commentary.

Two-Piece Dresses Online

If you thought I was being harsh on these garments, my only gripe concerned simply calling these as "two-piece dresses." They aren't true dresses as I see dresses. Not once have I hated the style of these outfits all post long. Maybe you want your own two-piece dress. If you are one of those or wanting to buy one for someone else, let me help you while you're still here. So use these items to find relevant material. Your participation is voluntary, but appreciated if you do business here.


Different budgets, different styles. Come get your fix of style here!


That's all!

Thanks for visiting "StyleSpace by JBM!" Let me know what you think:

Is there a such thing as a "two-piece dress" to you?

Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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Skechers is very popular for their unique shoes. Their shoes likely won't arouse the most fashion-savvy audiences, but they more than make up for this with many high-quality shoes for a variety of ages and for both males and females. Skechers is therefore one of the most popular and well-liked footwear designers today. In this blog post, I will make mention to Skechers and their many different shoes they have to offer. I'd like to welcome all of you to "StyleSpace by JBM" and another post in my fashion and beauty blog.

A Note About Brands Posts...

All posts under my "Brands" quality are all personal opinion, and I am not paid or sponsored to post about all featured brands in my posts. I was not contacted by Skechers or anything in coming up with this post. It was simply my decision to blog about this company and their offerings.


Founded in 1992 and based in Manhattan Beach, California, USA; Skechers footwear can be found in a variety of stores. Their offerings encompass casual (and some chic) shoes for everyone of all ages ranging from babies to adults. Many of which are mostly affordable. A lot of Skechers shoes offer some fairly unique casual design shoes that have sporty style. Aside from mostly sporty shoes, they also offer workwear shoes. Among some of their non-sporty, non fashion shoes are a variety of work shoes.

I mentioned Skechers as not being something that would appeal to very fashionable folk. And very much so, they aren't going to. Some people would probably think they would be found dead wearing Skechers. At least Skechers is a different kind of footwear company with casual shoes apart from the likes of (for example) Converse. Even still, you see Skechers promoted by celebrities. Some of those whom have worn and promoted Skechers include former football player Howie Long and singer Meghan Trainor.

I've owned a pair of Skechers sneakers before. I found them to be a bit rugged and stylish for my casual wardrobe. They did feel a bit flat for me since these were a mostly flat pair of sneakers. And since I don't really have any heels, I felt a bit weak after extended amounts of walking in them.

Skechers for females can be very cute. Their popular Bikers shoes are a cross between mary janes and sporty sneakers. They were more like sporty mary janes. I even remember a few sneaker-style sandals Skechers offered especially in the 2000s. Skechers even have some laceless sneakers and some backless sneakers I recall.

Famous (or Infamous?) Skechers.

Two of Skechers' shoe lines have been rather notorious. In the 2000s, they revealed their "Shape-Ups" shoes. The Shape-Up shoes could be thought of as workout shoes for those who don't like working out. Their unusual design combines a wedge sort of shoe along with their usual sporty appearance. Many thought these were ugly; some others actually wore these and put them to good use.

The other interesting shoes could be thought of as Skechers' answer to TOMS- BOBS. TOMS is known for offering their espadrilles and other shoes in which proceeds and purchases of their shoes help provide children in need with shoes to wear. BOBS, therefore, is Skechers' initiative to do the same. You probably don't hear much about BOBS as much as you do TOMS, but it is always great to have such benevolence from a company like Skechers.

Skechers in Pictures

Skechers in pictures. Enjoy!

Please note that some of these items or some of these topics may show up in individual blog posts here on "StyleSpace by JBM."

Skechers sneakers
^ from: www.amazon.com - Here are a basic pair of Skechers sneakers. This is a pair of women's sneakers.

Skechers sandals
^ from: www.overstock.com - Here are some of their sandals.

Now for two different styles of boots.

Skechers fashion boots
^ from: www.kohls.com - This is a pair of fashion boots for Juniors.

Skechers work boots
^ from: www.amazon.com - These men's work boots are Skechers as well..

Skechers Shape-Ups
^ from: www.amazon.com - The Shape-Ups from Skechers gained popularity as being shoes for those who want a workout without actually getting a workout. Note the wedge style of these shoes while not being a proper pair of wedge shoes.

Skechers Shape-Ups sandals
^ from: www.amazon.com - Shape-Ups, however, can also take on different forms- such as these feminine sandals.

Skechers BOBS
^ from: www.kohls.com - BOBS are the feminine shoes Skechers offers. Most important about these shoes is how Skechers gives back to others upon purchase of these shoes.

So you now have an idea of Skechers and their offerings.

Skechers: Final Thoughts

From babies to adults, males and females, and of many purposes; Skechers has a diverse profile and array of shoes for mostly casual and sporty tastes. It is almost as if to say there is a pair of Skechers for everyone at prices that won't exactly break the bank. They offer a style of footwear that is appealing in the sense of interesting colors and styles. Their shoes are anything but boring. Skechers isn't going to blow you away with chic offerings, and I doubt there are too many A-list celebrities who will be wearing Skechers over any high-fashion brands or labels. For those who just want a stylish pair of casual shoes, Skechers should not be overlooked or undermined. Look elsewhere if you seek elegance. If you just want cool and stylish casual shoes or daytime shoes, give Skechers a try. You probably won't regret it. So go find Skechers footwear at your favorite retail store, or even visit a Skechers store if any are available to you.

Do remember that as a fashion blog, I do not exclusively have to mention high-end brands all the time. Most people usually feel all fashion blogs only mention and promote high-end designers. Perhaps people only care about the major designers. I am not like that. In fact, there haven't been too many times in the history of "StyleSpace by JBM" where I have mentioned elite fashion designers. I am still pleased to do a proper blog post on companies like Skechers.

Skechers Online

Your participation in this section is voluntary (meaning you don't have to take part in it if you don't want to), but would be vastly appreciated. Since you're here, allow me to point you towards Skechers footwear if you are interested in shopping. So take a look around and help yourself to some Skechers if interested.


Skechers' main website features all of the latest footwear from the brand. Visit www.skechers.com today/tonight!


Here are some Skechers I found to be pretty cool. If you prefer Shopstyle, here are some finds of mine that may interest you. The majority (or all of them) are mostly for Women's size shoes:


Skechers on Amazon. Check it:

Men's Skechers...

Women's Skechers...

Skechers Kids...

Skechers Shape-Ups (all)...

I may add more material in edits. For now, happy shopping!

This post is over. Thank you coming here, thank you for interacting with my work, and most of all... thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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Maxi Rompers/Playsuits

Maxi dress, meet rompers/playsuits. Though rompers/playsuits are technically dresses, maxi rompers combine the romper appeal while offering a dress-like appearance. The big advantage is in being covered with the romper. Especially rompers of the past ten or so years have basically been covered alternatives to mini dresses. Maxi rompers are rompers but with the covering of a long dress or a kimono. They are even more of all-in-ones. This blog post will be all about maxi rompers/playsuits and what I think about them.

NOTE: If you are new to "StyleSpace by JBM," I use "rompers/playsuits" a lot, but usually use "romper." These short jumpsuits are called rompers or playsuits by most people. But just know I use "romper" to describe such outfits.

Maxi Romper/Playsuit Examples.

All of the media shown here are for educational purposes. Here are examples of maxi rompers:

maxi romper playsuit
^ from: www.lulus.com - A maxi romper. You probably can't see it too well, but note the romper part combined with the long dress.

maxi romper playsuit
^ from: www.shopperboard.com - Believe it or not, this beautiful high-low dress is really a maxi romper.

maxi romper playsuit
^ from: www.tobi.com - This maxi romper is almost elegant enough to be worn for a night out or a date. You probably can for what I know!

floral maxi romper playsuit
^ from: www.tillys.com - This is a casual floral romper.

And this is some video insight of a maxi romper:

^ Fancy Meeting You Here Maxi Romper

So now you have an idea of what kinds of garments we are discussing here. Now comes my thoughts on maxi rompers.

Maxi Rompers/Playsuits: How to Style?

I find most long dresses to best be paired with any number of chic shoes or sandals. Same applies to maxi rompers. You can also go with boots and booties. Some rompers are casual enough to be worn with a pair of sandals or some very casual sandals. I guess if you're going with sneakers, I'd stay away from basketball sneakers or something. Even as much as I loathed most of them, even go with some wedge sneakers with maxi rompers if you love them so much.

All I know is that maxi rompers allow you to enjoy elegantly showing off your legs. So you may want to go with some fun and stylish footwear to go with maxi rompers while also offering open-air comfort for your legs and feet. Maybe if it is cold weather time, you COULD go with wearing warm tights with maxi rompers, but I'd probably keep these for warm weather times instead of trying to make them all-year garments.

Maxi Rompers/Playsuits: Final Thoughts.

If you ask me, I think these are a romantic take on the romper. I would probably go as far as to say these are dresses for those who don't like wearing proper dresses. Maxi rompers should still appeal to fashionistas who already love rompers. Just imagine having the comfort of a romper while also sporting a silky dress. Simply put- a maxi romper is a covered long dress. And just like maxi dresses, maxi rompers can be immensely elegant. So go ahead and wear these sweet rompers if you enjoy both maxi dresses and romper dresses.

Maxi Rompers/Playsuits Online.

I can help you shop for maxi rompers/playsuits. Take a look at the items below and shop around. Thanks for your cooperation if you plan on doing any shopping! Remember- your participation here is voluntary.

Or take a look at these maxi rompers:

I would appreciate your business and your support if you did visit these links. I don't ask for people for financial support, but it would be nice to receive support from my audience.

The blog post is over.

What do you think about maxi rompers? If you already love or wear rompers, would you wear a maxi romper?

I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed making it for all of you fashion lovers. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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Statement Sleeves

Make a statement... with sleeves! Statement sleeves have been one of the latest style touches. Garments with dramatic sleeves can really say something. Bell sleeves, ruffles, puffy sleeves... all are statement makers. You can really provide a dramatic statement with these powerful tops and dresses with statement sleeves. The premise of statement sleeves is on dramatically styled sleeves that enhance the style of one outfit. You could even have a basic T-shirt that somehow has some powerful looking sleeves to them to make it even better than any simple T-shirt. Usually, such statement sleeve garments are with beautiful blouses, some button-down shirts, and almost any kind of dress that has dramatic sleeves to them. Even rompers/playsuits that may have sleeves to them can offer dramatic style statements. So no matter what, there are many ways to make a statement- especially with statement sleeves.

Personally, I find statement sleeves to be amazing when done right. The only thing I would caution is to make sure you don't go with too many other powerful items- especially in the case of a statement sleeve top. So for example, don't go with overly wild bottoms or shoes to go with the statement sleeve top or dress. I am thinking more in terms of proportions and balance here. Footwear choices depend on the outfit. I prefer to stay away from sneakers or any really casual sandals if I have a really beautiful statement sleeve top or dress. Some outfits are fine for a style touch with some statement sleeves, but not all outfits work with certain footwear. I think it all depends on the outfit and your style. I'm not here to make fashion choices for you, but I would just keep balance and order in mind when styling certain statement sleeve tops and dresses.

I may caution is that statement sleeves can be too powerful for petites. Much like how maxi dresses and flared bottoms can overwhelm some petite figures, statement sleeves can almost do the same impact to some petites. All is well if you can find a great top or dress with statement sleeves that is more petite-friendly.

One other thing I caution you about is that such sleeved garments may not be overly practical. So be careful with things like eating out, being around fires, some doors, and that sort of thing. You don't want to rip apart your garment or risk some kind of environmental hazards while looking fabulous with your statement sleeve garment(s).

Statement Sleeve: Picture Insight.

Let me provide some pictures to give you some insight on statement sleeves. Take a look:

ruffle statement sleeves
^ from: www.amazon.com - Ruffle sleeve tops and dresses are fine examples of statement sleeve garments.

cascading statement sleeves
^ from: www.amazon.com - Cascading sleeves can be overly dramatic statement sleeve types.

bell statement sleeves
^ from: www.amazon.com - Dresses can boast statement sleeves as well, such as this bell sleeve dress.

Statement Sleeves: Video Insight.

Here are how some fashionistas are styling statement sleeves:

^ What's up your sleeve? Statement Sleeves trending this season||Diksha Vohra

^ Easy DIY + How to Wear STATEMENT SLEEVES I Spring Trend Guide

Now some bloggers who showcase some stylish statement sleeves. Remember to follow their blogs in some capacity if you adore their work:
"FLOWY BELL SLEEVES" (Shall We Sasa) « a bell-sleeve top.
"CUTEST STRIPE DRESS AND THE BEST SALES FOR THE WEEKEND" (Shall We Sasa) « a dress with tiered ruffle sleeves.
"IT’S ALL ABOUT STATEMENT SLEEVES AND COLD-SHOULDER" (Color and Grace) « a cold shoulder top with statement sleeves.
"Manic Monday: It’s All About The Sleeves" (Style Cassentials) « a striped top with short, cascading sleeves.
"Reminiscence Gaultier – Spring Fashion Trends" (Buscando a Audrey) « a wide-sleeve bell blouse.
"FLIRTY FUN IN CASCADING RUFFLE SLEEVES" (cute and little) « a cascading sleeve blouse.
"STATEMENT BELL SLEEVE SWEATER FOR THE OFFICE" (cute and little) « a two-tone bell sleeve sweater.

I may include more from others if I decide to want to add more statement sleeve outfits.

Statement Sleeves: Final Thoughts.

Statement sleeve outfits can be absolutely beautiful. Styled well, they can provide dramatic and beautiful styles- even if worn casually. Uniquely girly and feminine, these tops and dresses can offer bold and chic fashion statements. Proudly wear some garments with powerful and attention-grabbing sleeves. Just be careful not to wear too many powerful pieces or anything that ruins proportions or balance with statement sleeve garments. Other than that, there is not really any real way to destroy such garments and outfits. So wear these statement sleeve garments proudly and fashionably.

Statement Sleeves Online

If you want to make your own statement with statement sleeve garments, allow me to help you. Help yourself to these:

For Bell Sleeves:

For Ruffle Sleeves:

For Cascading Sleeves:

Happy shopping! :)

So what do you think?

What are your thoughts and styling ideas towards statement sleeve garments?

Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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(UPDATED: July 16, 2017)

You know, I've never hated houndstooth. Fashionistas sometimes wear houndstooth (I've also heard houndstooth as "rooster teeth") patterned garments. It is a uniquely edgy pattern mostly worn by females. They are also commonly black and white. At times, I have seen pink and white houndstooth patterns. Yet still, there are those who dare try this most unique pattern.

Myself personally, I tend to find houndstooth to be a fun pattern for the preppy set. I would probably like it best with outerwear and with caps (as in newsboy caps or berets). They may even be pretty cool for pumps and flats. If you love bows and ribbons, go ahead and wear a cute bow or ribbon with a houndstooth design. You can't really go wrong with houndstooth in my view.

So what does houndstooth look like? Here is a sample image. Now imagine this on various garments and accessories:

houndstooth or rooster teeth
^ from: jeffbertrand.net - Here is the classic houndstooth pattern.


JUL 16 2017 - added a widget

Blogger Examples.

Want to see houndstooth in action? Here are some fashionistas rocking houndstooth (some personalities may appear more than once):

"SIMPLE WORK OUTFIT: HOUNDSTOOTH AND MINT" (Stylish Petite) « houndstooth pumps.
"FROM DESK TO DINNER: HOUNDSTOOTH AND COWL NECK" (Stylish Petite) « houndstooth skirt.
"Taste of Fall" (Style Cassentials) « houndstooth blouse.
"Graphic Design" (Style Cassentials) « houndstooth tights.
"HOUNDSTOOTH BLAZER AND HOUNDSTOOTH SKIRT DURING PFW" (Song of Style) « houndstooth blazer and skirt.

Proudly wear your houndstooth no matter what garments or accessories are adorned with them. Be that fabulous fashion star rocking houndstooth if you love this pattern!

Houndstooth Online.

If you want to get some houndstooth garments, I have come up with this below for you to score some houndstooth items. So take a look at these items below and find something you like here. I came up with these to form many examples of items relevant to this topic.

Happy shopping! :)

That's the end of this blog post.

Do you like houndstooth? What do you think houndstooth looks best on?

Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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Wrap Garments

(UPDATED: July 17, 2017)

Wrapped garments offer abounding amounts of appeal. Wrap blouses, skirts, and dresses are among many kinds of wrap garments that make wonderful outfits. This blog post will certainly appeal to you fans of various wrap garments. I am hopeful you get to enjoy this post and all wrap dresses, skirts, and blouses have to offer.

This topic is actually one of many topics I started to make a blog post about long ago, but never completed until now. So some of the material here may be a bit outdated.


JUL 16 2017 - added widget

Wrap Garments

Various wrap garments allow for one to simply get in and out of while also being fashionable. As their name implies, you fasten these garments by wrapping them around your body. The level of comfort can be immense unless you feel they constrict your body to some degree. Most appealing to most wrap garments is the slimming effect and almost body-conscious appeal to them when worn. You can tell a wrap garment usually if you can spot a bow or something tied to try to keep the garment together. At least you can properly tie up a wrap garment to look hot while not feeling too risqué- unlike, for example... trying to wear a scarf as a top. So what you are getting with wrap garments is feminine and chic charm. All that remains is how to style certain wrap garments you wear. I'll leave that up to you fashionistas.

Wrap Garment Examples

If you see any items you like from the image sources, you are free to visit that site to shop for that item if it interests you.

Wrap Tops.

wrap top
^ from: www.shopbop.com - This is a top that has a wrap detail to it.

Any basic top with a wrap-front design offers anything ranging from flirty appeal to slimming appeal. Some wrap tops can range in style from casual to some night-out fashions. Dress some of them up with formal-type pants or skirts, or dress some of them down with denim jean bottoms. Some wrap tops can even be hot to wear for going to the nightclub or for some dates out on a hot day or hot night.

Wrap Blouses.

wrap blouse
^ from: shop.nordstrom.com A beautiful bow on a wrap blouse can do wonders for your figure and your style. This specific one is a plus size wrap blouse.

Nothing says sophisticated quite like a blouse. A wrap blouse offers classy (and sometimes sexy) chic for women who wear them. These are feminine tops that can nicely compliment any sort of bottoms ranging from pants and shorts to skirts. Many have some pretty designs and some pretty sleeve designs. Some even have a sleeveless or or even off-shoulder designs to them. Certainly the off-shoulder design is trendy in these warm weather times. So go ahead and snap up a wrap top of some kind to wear with your favorite bottoms.

Wrap Dresses.

wrap dress
^ from: www.shopbop.com Wrap dresses can be both elegant and beautiful.

Originally, this blog post was supposed to be about just wrap dresses and wrap skirts. But knowing me, I try to offer a full spectrum on a trend or style. There is still a lot to be desired in regards to wrap dresses. Any dress that makes a female feel like a princess or a fairy is surely worthy of love. That is even if the dress is a wrap dress. I personally find wrap dresses to be as beautiful as wrap blouses. Wrap dresses offer the charm of both a body-wrapping appeal while also being ridiculously easy breezy to wear. Some wrap dresses could also be good for semi-formal or even formal outings. They can also be a boon for date night or Girls Night Out outings. It is also possible to have wrap dresses as coverups for the beach. You can look stylish in a wrap dress before unwrapping it to show off your fine swimsuit. Either way, wrap dresses are things of beauty.

Wrap Skirts.

wrap skirt
^ from: www.amazon.com Wrap skirts are as chic as wrap dresses, only you get more versatility with a skirt.

A wrap skirt can be just as fashionable as a wrap dress. Really, wrap skirts can be like more wearable sarongs (if you're familiar with beach/surf/resort fashion). Wrap skirts can either be fine casual pieces or coverups for beach style fashion. There are a number of styles and a number of ways to go with wrap skirts. So feel free to find yourself a stylish wrap skirt to suit your fashion needs.

Is that enough wrap inspiration for you? I tried to find some blogger examples of wrap garments, but I couldn't find a whole lot to make into a segment. So the next section features some final thoughts on wrap garments. Read on...

Wrap Garments: Final Thoughts

I actually love wrap dresses the most. The blog post was to originally be about wrap dresses and wrap skirts; but considering this is a very old topic I finally got around to completing, there aren't too many wrap garments I dislike. Wrap garments are completely feminine and charming. Some even can be on the sexy side with more daring styles and more body-hugging appeal. Unless you just make poor styling choices, you can't really do wrong with any sort of wrap garment. Find yourself some stylish wrap garments and rock your style as best as you can!

Wrap Garments Online.

Do you want some wrap garments after reading my post on them? I can help you! Take a look at the widget below. I picked out a number of items that I found might interest you. So if interested, take a look at the following items:

Or maybe you prefer using Amazon to find some wrap garments? That's cool. Begin your shopping journey here!

For wrap dresses:

For wrap skirts:

For wrap blouses:

Happy shopping! :)

Well, that's a wrap (pun semi-intended).

Do you like wrap garments? What do you think is/are the most stylish element(s) of such garments?

This post is *officially* my 375th post on "StyleSpace by JBM." As with all of the posts I create, thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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5 Years of StyleSpace by JBM!

Established in 2012, StyleSpace by JBM is now five years old! This blog post is a celebration and thanks to everyone who supported my fashion blog. Fashion was a topic in my main blog before StyleSpace by JBM came along. I eventually decided to make a more focused blog regarding fashion and beauty when I came up "StyleSpace by JBM." I took my own brand and style of discussing fashion spread well over 300 posts. To this day, StyleSpace by JBM remains my fastest-growing blog I've ever run with over 224K views all-time in its five-year history.

Why did I start "StyleSpace by JBM" and not keep my material in my main blog? Well for one, I wanted to make a niche blog focused on fashion and beauty. I do have a deeper reason. Mainly, one of the motivating factors for coming up with "StyleSpace by JBM" was because I was part of fashion communities where I felt like my opinions were somehow different from how most other people see fashion. For example, if I love almost everything about a certain outfit but dislike certain accessories or footwear, I'll say it. I'll mention if I feel indifferent about something added to an outfit that I think either kills it or doesn't make me like it as much. I will mention if I don't like a certain lipstick color or maybe if I dislike some kind of hairstyle. I don't care if (for example) people think a female's dress outfit goes great with sneakers yet I think the sneakers kill the outfit. One person on LOOKBOOK even questioned why I think I am telling somebody how to dress. Everyone makes fashion mistakes, and I don't have to agree with every element of an outfit or an outfit itself. So rather than concentrate my fashion opinions in certain communities, I decided to blog about my thoughts. At least I know I am responsible for myself rather than have to put up with certain communities whose fashion opinions are different from the mainstream. If I don't like certain styles or trends, at least I can share it here and not face any sort of punishment or backlash just because I don't see things the same way others do. I also usually express like and dislike with class. I am not here to hurt anyone. There are too many sources for where hate can be spewed to where no one honestly cares. You want to visit one of those places? Go right ahead. But here, this is fashion commentary the way I see fit.

What has made my blog different from other fashion blogs? Well for one, I am not anybody fashionable, so I don't post outfit posts. I instead use my time to discuss trends and styles in my own way. I like to be informative and educational, so I don't just use this blog to ridicule others. Do not ask for me to be your personal stylist. I am not going to be able to build the perfect wardrobe for anybody. Even if my life depended on providing a quality wardrobe for somebody, I doubt I would be anybody special. I know nothing about beauty. I don't follow fashion shows much. My discussion of fashion even goes into matters of social and LGBT issues. Some may even delve into religious matters, including when I discussed modest dressing. Because I am not any kind of fashion expert, I basically try to offer fashion the way I see it. Everything all eventually points back to fashion and beauty. This is a fashion blog- but an unconventional one. Regardless, I am thankful people visited my blog to get their fashion fix the way I provide it.

Another positive to this blog is my inclusion of other fashion bloggers and even other fashion personalities. To provide the educational backing of my fashion posts, I link to other personalities. I may do Showcase posts where I focus on a certain trend or a certain theme. For example, I could only focus on little black dress outfits and link to various little black dress outfits. I even take time to mention certain people and their blogs. This is just a way to get more exposure while also showing my respect for certain personalities in fashion. It is the least I can do to express myself.

Because I am a male, it doesn't mean I should only focus on male fashions, nor should I mostly concentrate my fashion insights on male fashion. I actually feel more comfortable discussing feminine fashion. It doesn't mean I lack knowledge of male fashion, though. I just choose to mostly discuss feminine fashion.

So what does the future hold for "StyleSpace by JBM?" I am not sure. All I know is that I will keep offering fashion discussion here until I feel like I can't contribute anything further to my fashion-savvy public. This has been a wild ride. I am just hoping to continue this wild ride offering various fashion commentaries. I am glad you have been along for the ride also.

Bonus! Most Popular SS by JBM Posts.

According to the dashboard of my Blogger/Blogspot stats, you all have made some of my posts very popular. As of the time of this post (July 7, 2017), here are my all-time most viewed posts on "StyleSpace by JBM." Click on the links to see these links for yourself. They are in order from least viewed to mostt viewed among my top ten all-time posts, and descriptions of each are included:

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• 9th Most Viewed: Warm Weather Tunics
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• 8th Most Viewed: Wedge Sneakers
Wedge footwear can be stylish. Sneakers can be fun. This blog post is a look at wedge sneakers.

• 7th Most Viewed: Go-Go Dancing Chic
This blog post focuses on outfits for go-go dancers.

• 6th Most Viewed: Isabel Marant Wedge Sneakers
A designer famous for her famous wedge sneakers, I take a look at Isabel Marant's wedge sneakers.

• 5th Most Viewed: Pin-Up Girl Style
For those who love vintage-type fashion, get into the uniquely feminine and American pin-up girl style expressed in this blog post.

• 4th Most Viewed: Converse: The Sneakers
This blog post features perhaps the most popular sneakers worn equally by males and females- good old Chuck Taylor All-Stars from Converse. (IN CASE YOU'RE WONDERING) The title suggests just Converse, but I had planned long ago to discuss other Converse products. You may see a similar post on this in the future. For now, though, enjoy this classic post of mine.

• 3rd Most Viewed: Plus-Size Modeling
Here is a look at modeling for curvy females.

• 2nd Most Viewed: Gaucho Pants and Culotte Pants
Culotte pants are popular these days. However back in the mid-2000s, gaucho pants were very popular. These breezy and silky cropped pants offered a skirt-like feel to them. They were notorious for a number of reasons; most notorious for making some butts look big. Culotte pants and gaucho pants are what this post is all about.

• 1st Most Viewed: Sweater Dress With Boots
The blog here relates to the look of sweater dresses paired with boots. This is a cold weather style that is quite lovely for cool and cold weather.

As always, thank all of you for your support in making these blog posts popular.

I am thankful for all of the support I have garnered for this blog and my others. Most importantly, I'm glad I've been able to offer my fashion commentary for five years now with this blog. Maybe this blog will be better and better respected in the future. Thank you for reading for five years now! Take care and be well.

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Rompers... for Males?

Rompers/Playsuits can be cute and even hot for females. Can romper dresses also be chic... por hommes? One group called ACED Design is trying to make one-piece shorts chic for men with their RompHim. Would you guys rock a romper? This blog post will introduce the concept of rompers for men as well as offer some thoughts on them.

It's time I offer some thoughts on what COULD be a thing.

Rompers... for Males?

Allow me to give you some insight. Take a look at this:

Introducing Rompers... for men (CNN)

And here is a picture:
(rompers playsuits males men
^ from: Newser, by way of Kickstarter) (best I could find) - Imagine rompers/playsuits being a trend among males.

Females have sported rompers/playsuits for a good while since they have become quite popular. Perhaps it is their mini-dress like appearance while still being covered that has made rompers so stylish. Rompers sometimes get a bad rap from fashion lovers as being only for babies and children- NOT grown-ups. Some who think of past rompers usually hark back to the longer-leg shorts of the '90s. Since the 2000s, the romper has gotten a sexy makeover. In fact, rompers have come to the point of being as hot as even the hottest mini dresses. Only difference is that you are very much covered with rompers as opposed to mini dresses.

According to CNN, there was a Kickstarter in which some individuals want to provide more style options for men. This one group called ACED Designs is trying to make rompers for males a thing with their RompHim. How would you like to pay about $120 USD for a stylish men's romper? Other designers have had their hand in trying to make male rompers. For this blog post, however, this look at male rompers was inspired by the likes of ACED Designs.

Despite the style rompers and jumpsuits have, there is one major complaint. If you have to use the bathroom, you have to basically take off the entire romper or jumpsuit to use the toilet. You don't have the luxury of simply unzipping a fly or something like you would with most bottoms.

Some Basic Thoughts.

The only way males can get into wearing rompers is if they lose a bet or something. Regardless, it is going to be tough to convince males to wear rompers. There's a better chance of us guys wearing skirts than us males wearing rompers. Even if I had to choose, I'd rather wear a skirt rather than a romper.

People may be wondering- why is somebody foolish enough to even want to make rompers for men? Let's look at a few schools of thought. For one thing, male fashion options are not as vast as female fashion. So seeing rompers is good in a sense in expanding the range of fashion options for males. Males are not as adept with fashion as females are. Some males believe in fashion freedom rather than have feminine fashion items tailored exclusively for males.

On the Other Hand...

There could be an actual comfort factor to this. You see, I am someone who believes in the possibility of skirts and dresses being stylish for males. One of the reasons why rompers are chic among females is mostly for looking hot while being covered. Some females rock mini skirts and mini dresses anyways, but at least it's nice to know you're covered with short rompers. So these male rompers could be as close to wearing a mini dress while still feeling great and stylish.

Also on another hand, there may be some males who would be VERY comfortable wearing feminine rompers (granted they fit males) rather than have these male-specific rompers. So in the minds of such males, the thought of male-specific rompers would be both pointless and unnecessary when you could find a fairly decent feminine romper that you can wear. But you know there are those types who would cringe at the notion of a male wearing something a female could easily look stylish in. Not every male can pull off certain looks or trends, but at least it is nice to know some males dare test these fashion waters.

Now for some Final Thoughts.

Rompers for Men: Final Thoughts

The attempt of groups like RompHim to make rompers/playsuits fashionable for men is an ambitious one. I would not see myself wearing a romper, let alone these "RompHim" rompers. I may only recommend rompers for males for those who either like infusing feminine fashion into their wardrobe or can comfortably wear even the most feminine of rompers. Other than that, this is going to be a fashion fad that will get highly criticized, such as gaucho pants or fanny packs. Even bringing up likes of gender roles will be a factor in male rompers becoming any level of popular or trendy. I just don't see male rompers going to become popular or well-loved among us male fashion lovers.

For More Information:

Here is the Kickstarter to the group trying to make rompers for males stylish: The RompHim™: Your new favorite summer outfit.

This one's over.

What do you think about male rompers? Would you (as a male) wear a romper? Or would you rather wear certain feminine rompers rather than these male-specific ones?

And for you female readers...

Would you buy your boyfriend/fiancé/husband a romper/playsuit?

As today is Memorial Day, I want to thank all of the men and women, active or retired, living or dead, for your service defending the United States of America. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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(UPDATED: July 16, 2017)

Trending of late is gingham. While gingham patterns are not elegant, they do offer casual charm. So forget about gingham if formal (or even semi-formal) is your goal with gingham. With its casual charm, gingham makes for some fine tops, shorts, skirts, dresses, rompers/playsuits, jumpsuits, and perhaps even swimwear. Are you feeling this latest trendy pattern?

This picture below is a sample of gingham:

gingham dress
^ from: www.amazon.com - This cute dress bears a red gingham pattern all around.


JUL 16 2017 - added widget

Blogger Examples.

Here is how some fashionistas sport gingham. Follow their blogs if their work interests you. Some bloggers may appear more than once.

"Gingham and Tulle" (Cute and Little) « gingham shirt paired with a lovely mid-length flared skirt.
"How to Wear the Gingham Trend for Spring" (Sydne Style) « multiple gingham outfits worn by the blogger.
"Gingham Shorts and Shirt Set" (Lonestar Southern) « a gingham shorts and off-shoulder top outfit.
"Gingham Gal" (Lonestar Southern) « a gingham handbag.
"Vintage-Inspired With a Modern Aesthetic" (A Walk in the Park) « a mid-length gingham skirt.
"Camel and Gingham" (Stylish Petite) « a gingham shirt under a sweater.

That gives you some blogging insight on gingham.

Gingham: Final Thoughts.

I don't particularly see gingham as anything real stylish or any sort of pattern I'm excited about. However, I don't hate gingham. So I surely approve of gingham. This is a fine warm weather pattern for a reason. Feel free to rock gingham to your heart's content.

Gingham Online.

Try this item below to find some fine gingham garments online. This features a handful of gingham fashion items to suit your tastes.

ShopStyle Collective.


Thank you for visiting my blog and this post!

This blog post has concluded. So what do you think...

Are you fond of gingham? How would you style gingham?

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Elegance, grace, and empowerment- ladylike charm is powerful. It is maturity and great confidence which define some of the most elegant and ultra-feminine outfits. This blog post is a celebration of feminine outfits and styles that turn everyday ladies into beautiful goddesses. I want to make this blog post to share styles that are ladylike and charming. You're not going to find any grungy stuff here, nothing absolutely casual, none of this borrowed-from-the-boys crap... this is all about ladylike charm. So if you're ready, allow me to offer my celebration of ladylike style.

You should probably know that I'm a guy talking about ladylike fashion. Of course, this is all professional and real. I do hope you enjoy this post and all it has to offer.

Ladylike Style

What do I think defines ladylike style?

(NOTE: Some of these items may be featured in other posts here on StyleSpace, or may even be considered for future topics on StyleSpace.)

I think what defines ladylike style includes the following (among other aspects):

empowerment - a female with a bold persona and character with her clothing is able to exhibit ultra-feminine, ultra

pure confidence - a confident woman is a beautiful woman. She who is able to take chances and admire her style in some of the most feminine fashion pieces and touches is one who exhibits great confidence.

fun and comfort - While being confident and empowering are both great qualities, it also helps the lady in question is comfortable in what she wears and has fun. Such fashions should be fun and comfortable, and so should the lady wearing such feminine pieces.

Now that you have an idea of what I am considering to be ladylike, it is time I offer some of the key points regarding ladylike style.

Ladylike: Examples

Now for some fashion examples to exhibit ladylike style. This is not a definitive list of items, but a host of items to exhibit what I think equates to ladylike fashion based on fashion pieces.

NOTE: All of the following images are provided for educational purposes.

Ladylike: Elegant Skirts and Dresses.

ladylike elegant skirt or dress
^ from: (Pinterest) - Elegant skirts and dresses can make a female feel absolutely beautiful.

I once read this statement: "you're a woman. Wear a dress." Because skirts can be as elegant as dresses, I labeled this section about both skirts and dresses. The emphasis here is on more elegant pieces. Therefore, I am not counting anything like a denim jean skirt or anything. Wearing an elegant dress or skirt epitomizes ladylike elegance. The right kinds of elegant skirts and dress can make one feel like a princess or a goddess. Such garments don't have to be overly formal, though. Some can simply be elegant enough to where they don't borderline formal wear. Once you find an elegant skirt or dress, all you would need is to find an equally elegant pair of shoes or sandals to compliment your elegant loveliness. Speaking of shoes...

Ladylike: High Heels.

ladylike high heels
^ from: (Pinterest) - "The higher the heel, the hotter the girl," or so I read from one fashion blogger.

High heels elevate you not only visually but also mentally. Wearing them show you are in control. I must note that high heels can easily go from classy to trashy with the wrong set of heels. You don't want that if you are trying to exude ladylike class. You are best served with a chic pair of pumps or sandals. You know- more like office-appropriate pumps or sandals. The high-end types would be served with heels the likes of high-end designers like Louboutin, Manolo, or anything like that.

I will actually count oxford pumps as elegant footwear. Remember we are talking about classy and chic footwear options here.

Ladylike: High-Heel Peep-Toes and Open-Toes.

ladylike high heel and platform peep-toe or open-toe pumps
^ from: (Pinterest) - Peep-toe and open-toe shoes can be elegant, especially those with high heels and/or platform bases.

As a retro style, I tend to find peep-toe and open-toe shoes to be elegant. I prefer them with high heel shoes and platforms. The peep-toe look just don't look right with flatforms, low-heel shoes, or flats. That's just my personal opinion. Even platform peep-toes ranging from pumps to wedges offer fine elegance. Note that I didn't mention peep-toe boots at all in this section. That's because I don't see boots as elegant footwear, and peep-toe booties aren't elegant to me. Remember- we are discussing elegance in regards to ladylike style.

Ladylike: Off-Shoulder.

ladylike off-shoulder
^ from: www.tobi.com - Even at their most casual, off-shoulder tops and dresses offer uniquely feminine elegance.

Showcasing your shoulders is a touch of elegance to me. Even more so with actually elegant garments. So this section pertains more towards elegant blouses and dresses with off-shoulder designs rather than certain tops that are strapless or don't cover the shoulders. There is a romantic quality to the off-shoulder look. And even if people think the off-shoulder look has overstayed its welcome with so many fashionistas rocking the look, at least this is something that exudes elegance and isn't the work of posers/poseurs.

Now for an unconventional concept of ladylike charm...

Ladylike: Pin-Up.

ladylike pin-up girl
^ from: www.huffingtonpost.com - Pin-up girls are uniquely ladylike, though not elegant in the least sense.

If you fancy more vintage style, one ultra-feminine and ladylike deal is pin-up girls style. A lot of the styling touches with certain pin-up outfits and styles are very ladylike in my opinion. This is a more unique kind of ladylike style, though. It isn't exactly like the elegance I've preached constantly in this blog post. Still, the enticing view of a beautiful woman is portrayed in romantic ways with most pin-up girl images. Most of the key elements of ladylike charm present in most of the other elements I discussed in this blog post.

These are among many different ladylike touches. Or at least, to me.

Ladylike: Blogging Examples

These are blog posts I semi-randomly found to exhibit what I consider to be elegant or ladylike. These are only a few examples to prove the point of ladylike style. Follow these other blogs if you enjoy their work:

"ladylike" (keiko lynn) « cutely feminine black and white skirt outfit.
"The Temptress" (Style Cassentials) « an elegantly daring off-shoulder dress.
"Czarna dluga suknia z rozcieciem, cieliste rajstopy i szpilki" (Ari-Maj) « an elegant long dress with a high front slit.
"Via col vento" (Unconventional Secrets) « an elegant (if daring) mini dress with elegant sandals.
"Fame And Partners: My New Custom Made Dress" (Sensible Stylista) « a custom-made elegant dress.

I may add a few more links to prove the point here if I find any more interesting outfits.

Ladylike: Final Thoughts

The premise of this blog post is about ladylike style. You don't have to be overly elegant to exude ladylike style. This all boils down to confidence and charm. For any fashionista, some of these fashion touches are either the best of ladylike style or the epitome of girly-girl style. Either way, ladylike style is nothing to half-step or misconstrue. So go ahead and exhibit your classiest, most elegant, and most empowering examples of ladylike style. Be the goddess you were born to be. Own it, girl! :)

I hope you found this blog post to be great. So let me ask you (in case you want to discuss)...

What other elements or touches do you find to be ladylike? Do you agree or disagree with some of the items I find as being ladylike?

Make sure to Subscribe and Follow if you enjoy my work. Please do so as you will be better able to learn of my latest blog posts when they become available. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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